"We've worked with e-volveHR for over a year now and Sarah and Lisa have been absolute game-changers for both us and our portfolio companies. They have deep domain expertise and understanding of all things HR & People, which coupled with responsiveness, availability, follow-through, attention to detail and affordable pricing models, makes them an absolute dream to work with. They're people experts who understand startup founders and their struggles and needs. e-volveHR have been absolutely instrumental in helping our portfolio companies lay their HR foundations, including everything from supporting on Employee Handbooks, HR documents, OKRs, retention advice, salary benchmarking, interim Head of People roles and ad-hoc support stretching beyond all of this.

I've never worked with a delivery partner who has consistently received only positive feedback from everyone they've worked with. When we onboard portfolio companies, I actually can't wait to connect them to the e-volveHR team because I know that the quality of work that they'll receive will wow them - positively contributing to how they view us too!

I was only willing to publicly share our great experience of working with them out of deep love for their work - I've been pretty intent on keeping them our best kept secret to date otherwise :)"

Sonia Maciuszewicz – Founder Experience Manager, BackedVC

" Fast growth and a focus on transformational change to create a globally scalable business model led us to work with Lisa and E-Volve for over 12 months at a pivotal point in the Company’s growth cycle.  Lisa came in and added huge value from day 1, providing support and challenge to the executive team and invaluable leadership to the people team helping the company set and execute its people strategy enabling the business to execute against its wider growth initiatives.  Lisa was one of the team and this is incredibly rare when working on a consultancy basis.  Her focus, dedication and deep understanding of both business and people have set the business up strongly for the future, including the hiring of a permanent People Director, to build on the foundations set in this engagement.

I really look forward to working together in the future and could not recommend Lisa and team enough to other business leaders."

Paul Ramsden – COO Sorted


"Lisa operated as interim HR leader at varying stages of ONI's development and growth - often through some particularly challenging times in our short, but very exciting history - and offered a level head, clear focus on complicated HR issues, and helped create order out of challenge, ambiguity and ever increasing complexity. Her start-up experience, ability to walk into turbulence with ease and confidence, coach and support management and work with employees at all levels was most welcome, and a breath of fresh air in easing my transition into the VP of People role I took on here several months ago. I also enjoy her positive personality, optimistic sense of people and deep comprehension in unpacking and making sense of any situation she put her mind to. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is needing a solid interim HR support leader."

Jeff Wellstead – VP of People Operations – ONI


“I would absolutely recommend e-volveHR, both Sarah and Lisa have bags of expertise, but crucially they are able to add immediate value. Sarah worked with Jagex as interim HRD and was able to provide the team with leadership and professional guidance from the get go. Sarah and Lisa also supported our calibration process for end of year reviews and did so both professionally and sensitively. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

David Lomax – VP of HR & Operations, Jagex


“Anyone experienced in scaling a company appreciates the value of applying external expertise to the inside of your business. As a fast-growing company, it’s essential to maintain first-class operations that ensure not just compliance with the latest regulations but optimal productivity and engagement through best practice. Working with the e-volve team has been indispensable in laying those robust foundations for scale. Extremely knowledgeable and deeply conscientious, they have not only upgraded our People Operations but also upskilled our team in the process. We look forward to collaborating again in future.”

Abbie Pugh – Head of People, LabGenius

“ I’ve had the recent pleasure of getting to know and work with Sarah from e-volveHR on an internal sensitive HR project. Sarah ‘s support and style of working was exceptional, she has extensive knowledge in all things HR and her vast experience gave me great comfort during the whole process.  Sarah and the team at e-volveHR are professional, responsive and impressive to work with, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I will continue to work with the business going forward on outsource HR as I trust them and know the quality of work and support is second to none."

Jade Kerri-Dibb - COO, Psyomics.

"Sarah is an exceptional HR leader. She provided the HR expertise we needed to establish our HR controls, policy and processes and built a true business partner approach with our Games teams. She understood what we needed as a high growth business and proactively both recommended and implemented improvements in areas that added value. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other businesses."

Torsten Reil – CEO,  NaturalMotion Games


"I’ve worked with e-volveHR, and its founders, for 5 years. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

They are straightforward, practical and approach everything with common sense. Whatever your business needs, they will deliver. They have no ego and will do whatever needs to be done - from basic HR administration through to the most top-level strategic decision making – which makes them the perfect people to work with startups and SMEs where one person needs to fulfil all roles.

In addition to being professionally excellent, the e-volve team are also a joy to work with – lovely people with great personalities and bags of emotional intelligence.

Any organisation would benefit from their insights and expertise. 5 star rating!"

Katie Bedborough – CFO, Oxford VR


"Lisa has provided invaluable interim leadership for our People team at Bossa Studios. She joined at a critical time with both the studio and the People team needing to go through some transformative changes. Lisa has helped us build a strong People team, helping them execute strategic projects, that have made a big, immediate impact and provided them with great leadership and mentoring.

Lisa understands the challenges of start-ups and growth very well. It's been fantastic to see her fit so easily into the studio and has become a valuable part of the senior management team. She’s made finding a permanent Dir of People and Talent a bit hard, only, because she has set the benchmark so high!"

Daniel Clough – General Manager, Bossa Studios